Evidence Based Beliefs

Our Brain-Based Methodology Changes Behavior


Students Want To Do Well & Show Others They Can Do Well


Behavior Challenges Result From Brain Challenges


When The Brain Changes,  Behaviors Change & Students Can Do Well


Students Want To Do Well

Our experience has repeatedly shown that students want to do well and show others they can do well. However, root neurodevelopmental issues can prevent this. 


Behavioral Issues Are Brain Issues

A student’s behavior is directly controlled by specific areas of the brain that communicate with one another. When these areas are not communicating as they should, behavioral challenges manifest.


Certain areas of the brain directly influence behavior such as emotional regulation, judgement, and fight

or flight. Other areas indirectly influence behavior by limiting a student’s classroom performance such as

reading recognition, handwriting, working memory, and sequencing. This often leads to frustration with

academic content and a tendency to either lash out or withdraw in a classroom setting.

Functional Areas Of The Brain



When The Brain Changes, Behaviors Change

The brain is amazing! The latest research in neuroscience shows us that the brain is malleable, plastic,

and constantly changing. Based on stimulation received by specific activities, the brain will calm, create

or strengthen neural pathways. Our job is to identify the maladaptive pathways that need to be calmed

and the beneficial pathways that need to be created or strengthened. Once this occurs, a student will be

more at choice moment to moment and will experience significant social emotional behavioral gains


Our Process To

Change Behavior

Our process includes a proprietary evaluation and individualized program design to help students strengthen their brain and change their behavior. 

A Sample Day At The Hope School

Each day, students implement their individualized programs to address the root neurodevelopment causes of their behavioral challenges.

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