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The Hope Model

Brain-Based Methodology

The Hope Model Is Grounded In Science & Love

Over the past 25 years, we have worked with over 4,000 students with various behavioral and neurodevelopmental challenges. These experiences created the Hope Model. 


The Hope Model transforms lives by helping students develop a better-connected brain through our proprietary evaluation, individualized program design, daily implementation, and wrap around support.

Our Beliefs

Our experience shows us that students want to do well. However,  root neurodevelopmental challenges that create behavioral challenges. 


Our Process To

Change Behavior

Our process includes a proprietary evaluation and individualized program design to help students strengthen their brain and change their behavior. 

A Sample Day At The Hope School

Through a safe environment with caring teachers, each student’s day consists of customized activities that address the root causes of their behavioral challenges.

Let's Talk

Our team is available to discuss your student's needs and how the Hope School can help.

Any Questions?

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