Student Outcomes


Behavioral Gains

Through the daily implementation of the Hope School Methodology, students are given natural and logical consequences for their actions and given the freedom to make mistakes, all under the safety of a radically accepting, supportive environment. As students begin to strengthen their neurodevelopmental abilities, they will begin to experience significant behavioral gains such as:

  • Developing a flexible mindset

  • Alleviating all-or-nothing thinking

  • Building an overall tolerance of work demand

  • Increasing distress tolerance across all environments

  • Decreasing the need to self-sabotage

  • Increasing inter-personal abilities & perspective taking

  • Increasing overall independence

  • Heightening self-referencing abilities

  • Being at choice more often than in a fight or flight mode

  • Nurturing internal motivation to make good choices via our core cultural values of Hope, Truth, and Love


Academic Gains

Academic achievement is viewed from a Whole Brain – Whole Child perspective. We examine the root cause and specific barrier causing the lack of past academic achievement. The complex interplay between neurodevelopmental strengths and weaknesses, the balance in the brain between critical areas of cognitive processing and academic endeavours, and the emotional behavioral facets are taken into consideration,

giving us powerful insight into the best learning approach for each individual learner.

A combination of individual instruction and interactive hands on group learning is then employed to reach specific academic goals.


While we help students with a wide range of diagnoses and challenges, they all share common root causes.

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