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Changing The Brain & Behavior One Step At A Time



Holistic Evaluation



Individualized Program Design

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Daily Implementation



Wrap Around Support



Transition Plan


Holistic Evaluation

We evaluate each student to understand the current level of their neurodevelopment, social-emotional-behavioral skills, learning style, academics, independence and physiology. Our evaluation includes:

  • Proprietary neurodevelopmental profile including input and output channels, early reflex integration, sequential processing, working memory, hemispheric dominance, and cross-lateral abilities

  • Nutritional consultation

  • Parent intake meeting to discuss their goals

  • qEEG brain map to identify specific areas of a student’s brain that are under-performing

  • Achenbach assessment to understand social, emotional, and behavioral well being

  • Additional academic, developmental, and psychosocial assessments

Sample Student Brain Map


Program Design

Students receive an individualized program consisting of hundreds of activities designed to target specific under-performing areas of the brain, maladaptive thoughts and feelings,

behavioral challenges, and academics challenges. Learn more about specific activites and interventions here


Daily Implementation

Rewiring and producing lasting change is a day-to-day process. Each individualized program is completed daily with intensity and frequency by dedicated team of teachers who embrace our core values of hope, truth, and love. See a typical day here

Implementation can occur in a variety of places: 


  • On our campus in Roswell, GA 

  • Within a student’s current school through in-school support and training

  • In-home

  • Virtually


Wrap Around Support

The Hope School operates within a collaborative approach through consistent wrap-around support between home and school. This includes regular updates and scheduled calls, nutritional recommendations, activities to implement at home, and in-home observations. We find that lasting change occurs when all parties work together.


Transition Plan

Our goal is for each student to be prepared to succeed back in their own school. We work closely with schools throughout the process, including implementing an IEP and creating specific exit criteria goals that outline when a student is ready to transition back to the school.

Our Beliefs

Our experience shows us that while students want to do well, root neurodevelopmental challenges  create behavioral challenges. 


A Sample Day At The Hope School

Each day, students implement their individualized programs to address the root neurodevelopment causes of their behavioral challenges.

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Our Mission: Helping students overcome their emotional, behavioral, and relational challenges by strengthening their brain

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