“While we initially kept thinking about his future, like how we are going to keep him out of the hands of law enforcement, how are we going to make sure he is an income earning productive citizen, our standards were shrinking, they are starting to open up again.”

- A Hope School Parent

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What Hope School Parents Are Saying

"There is joy that he carries with him all day long that hasn’t been there in a really long time. He has confidence. His smiles are bigger. He just feels like a regular kid again – and not someone that is bad. And not someone that people don’t like or are scared of. He feels accepted.”

- A Hope School Parent

“They actually have a plan to break the maladaptive behavior and teaching coping skills that he practices day in and day out. He is taking responsibility for his actions and identifying his emotions and recognizing when he is not handling something appropriately.”

- A Hope School Parent

“There is a direct line that showed in his brain map from his fear center to his speech center – it is a direct line that says when you are under stress, shut down. We have told people this for years and no one believed us, they thought it was intentional and now we have scientific evidence.”

- A Hope School Parent


As students strengthen their brain, they make significant gains in their behavior and academics.  

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